Not Afraid to Have an Opinion: An Interview With Jon Bonné (video)

We are thrilled to release our interview with Jon Bonné, wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Jon has been in the center of the discussion about balanced Pinot Noir.  The activity began at the World of Pinot Noir tasting. Eric Asimov from the New York Times wrote a wonderful piece about those events. Jon followed up with an inspired article about that event. He also wrote a wonderful follow up article about the panel discussion at the Mandarin Hotel during California Pinot Noir: In Pursuit of Balance.

In this video, Jon provides our audience with some great sound bites. For example, his description of the Pinot discussion as the “tempest in a teapot” reflects the writer’s silver tongue. He goes on to substantiate the quality of producers at this event as the elite, serious winemakers in California.

Jon mandates that the big scoring wines from years past are dialed back.  An example of this commitment is Wells Guthrie from Copain. Wells walked away from the vineyards and the style that had provided him with remarkable scores from the critics in an effort to make more balanced wines. Guthrie eschewed the perpetuation of his critical success in the pursuit of a more beautiful wine. Jon tells us that overblown wines simply betray the nature of the grape.

When we discussed the future of In Pursuit of Balance, Jon continues his educated yet bold speak when discussing Chardonnay saying that it is being produced by “people who shouldn’t be within five mile of that grape.” At Gastrotommy, we love strong comments made by brilliant individuals. It was a pleasure to sit with Jon. He is one of a handful of critics that has our total respect.

Thank you Jon.

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