Insider Discount: Save 20% on La Quercia Bone-In Organic Prosciutto

Save 20% off La Quercia Green Label Bone-In Prosciutto, 100% organic cured ham

Gastrotommy Insiders: Visit the insider discounts page to obtain a coupon code and purchase your ‘La Quercia Bone-In Organic Prosciutto’ at 20% off. This deal has now expired.  Stay tuned for more great Gastrotommy-only coupon codes from La Quercia.

Update: This offer is no longer active.

Since 2005, La Quercia has established a cherished spot in the hearts of foodies around the US. You will find their products listed on the menus of our most inspired restaurants and in the finest specialty food shops. What is most remarkable is the hyperbole that surrounds the product. People discuss the flavor, the texture, the integrity of the meat as though it had come from heaven. So let’s break it down a bit.

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse are brilliant yet very humble people. Herb went to Harvard. The couple moved to Parma a few years later. Here they learned the traditional methods of curing meats.  After living in Parma, they wanted to move back to their native Iowa.  While there was a substantial pork industry, they  recognized that the bulk of pigs were being raised in an inhumane manner and pumped full of chemicals. The Eckhouses’s declare on their website:

“We do not buy any meat from confinement production systems or from animals fed subtherapeutic antibiotics to promote their growth.”

Your artisan cured ham is patiently waiting for you at La Quercia. Which one is yours?

The Eckhouses have been very diligent to source the product from the producers that enable the animals to roam, to socialize and to root in deep beds.  Their meat is now certified organic and comes from less that 1% of the American pork supply. Simply, better raw material yields a better end product.

I have been fortunate to get to know Herb a bit over the last few months. First and foremost, Herb is cool. I wasn’t sure what the Sultan of Swine would be like, but this guy is bright, funny, self deprecating and insanely passionate. I could see Herb as  a board shaper on Maui’s North Shore as easily as the Prince of Pork, the Baron of Bacon and the Lord of Lard.

Our next offer from La Quercia is the organic bone in prosciutto leg. Here is how Herb describes this product for us:

La Quercia was the first company to offer organic dry cured ham in the USA two years ago. We now have a supply of beautiful bone in organic prosciutto, made with meat from Becker Lane Organic Farms. These pigs are pasture farrowed, Berkshire cross and certified organic. We think our Prosciutto Green Label is the best we make (other than our Acorn Edition).

These legs were salted in July of 2009!  Great for family weekends, parties, special events–adds deliciousness, drama and the artisan touch!  Each piece weighs approximately 15 lbs and can be stored at room temperature. The gastrotommy video gives you a good idea of what to do with your ham when you’re ready to eat it.

Now, what to serve with this? Listen very carefully here – you can do anything with this product. Wrap scallops in it, put in on a burger, toss it in pasta, bake it in a quiche, wrap it around melon or vegetables or the Easter Bunny… It goes with everything. Actually it makes everything taste better. Take your favorite Vegan dish, add chunks of prosciutto and you will be among the living again!  However, the best way to serve this prosciutto is on its own. This will enable you to see, feel and taste the remarkable delicate texture of this meat. It is simply the most delicious slice of prosciutto I have ever eaten. I have been fortunate to eat quite a bit of Spanish Iberico Jamon for 10 times the price and it wasn’t any better. Now the question would be, ”What wine to serve with this?” You will have a greater challenge finding wines that cannot be matched. However, here are a few slam dunks:

Wine Pairings


  1. Pair any white wine from the mountains of Europe and you will be a pairing savant. This would include Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Gruner Veltliner, Malvasia,  Muscat, Muller Thurgau, Chasselas, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Ribolla Gialla, Trebbiano to name a few. The ample acidic structure in the wines will cut through the fatty flavor in the meat. Furthermore, the complexity of both meat and wine will play beautifully together.
  2. Mid weight Reds like Pinot Noir (from Burgundy, Sonoma, Oregon, Santa Barbara, Mendocino, Argentina, New Zealand, etc) would be lovely. Consider other grapes like Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera from Italy. Also, taste along with wines from various regions in Spain like Rioja, Ribero del Duero and Priorat.
  3. My last wine recommendation will be sparkling wines. We need to drink more Champagne as a culture. These wines work gloriously with prosciutto. The creamy texture and salty nature of the meat is completely cleansed by the wine. The apple or citrus notes of a Blanc or even the cherry-strawberry characteristics of a Rose will pair majestically with the cured protein. To be more specific, I would love to see a Magnum of Bollinger and a big knife with the prosciutto.
  4. The fastest growing trend I see in the industry is our developing appreciation for American Craft Beers. The US is producing oceans of tremendous brew. These products universally work with prosciutto. Have some fun, try a few different styles and producers.

So there you have it. One of our goals at Gastrotommy is to sift through the myriad of producers out there and to find the best in each category. We then look to partner with these artisan masters. We do not make a penny on the sales transaction. Nada. Zip.  We simply ask our partners to provide our Insiders with a discount. Our relationship with La Quercia, with Herb and Kathy, is one that makes us very proud. We hope you will enjoy this offer.

A very special thank you to our friends at Publican for always making us feel so at home. The entire team does a wonderful job of providing tremendous service. We were especially fortunate to have Chef Paul Kahan slice up a few delicious pieces and to mingle with our tribe. Finally, our lovely wines were provided by my favorite wine babe Kat Camera from Broadbent Selections.

Our Insiders Save 20%

Gastrotommy Insiders: Visit the insider discounts page to obtain a coupon code and purchase your ‘La Quercia Bone-In Organic Prosciutto’ at 20% off.

This deal has now expired.  Look for more La Quercia coupon codes coming soon.

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